Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Dreaming

Earlier, I posted an idea for an outfit after digging out my spring clothes! Now I haven't really gotten the opportunity to post some of my style and if it wasn't dark/freezing outside right now, I may have actually modeled these outfits myself. Instead, I will be using my lovely floral print dress form. 

Top: Unknown brand
thrifted, $3
Shorts: Esprit
thrifted, $4
Necklace: gift from a lovely friend!

Top: Unknown brand, $3
Shorts: Unknown brand, $4

These are just a few of my more casual outfits I have planned. These are perfect for work (for me). I know, I'm lucky to not have a dress code. I'm hoping in the next few posts, I will be able to get up some of my warm weather footwear. I completely forgot about this part of my wardrobe. Is that bad? A friend of mine I was hanging out with the other day did say "Jessica, you realize you have two closets, right? Like, I walk into your room and see one closet and then I close your bedroom door and there is another. It's half of your bedroom." So, I guess I basically live in a giant closet & work in a giant closet and it's not a bad thing!

What spring trends are you looking forward to trying? Obviously, I am a big fan of the pops of color, neon, and mixing prints. 

These few pairs of shorts aren't nearly half of what I have. The next set of outfits are going to be with my denim/cut-off shorts (which are my favorite). I also took advantage of a day off recently and gave some much need DIY love to a few shirts I have been meaning to alter. The result? 3 new tank tops and a new pair of shorts (made from my favorite black Levi 575 legging pants R.I.P.)

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