Monday, September 3, 2012


The impending season change has got me completely stoked for Fall fashion. Being off work for 2 days with this dreary, rainy weather has me ready to rock scarves, socks, layers and my favorite fall accessory: BOOTIES!

I posted back in February the black wedge booties I got for my birthday. Unfortunately for them, they barely lasted through the summer (they became my official "going out" shoes), and have definitely seen better says. Now, my goal is to find some great replacements. I've added these Mossimo wedge booties to my collection.

Though they aren't black, I love the pop of color, and they go so well with my closet. The only issue that slightly bothers me is they are almost the exact same color as my hair & people never fail to point it out! But they are perfect for Fall so I will take Tim Gunn's advice and make it work.

Since I've been on the hunt for a perfect black pair, I've managed to come across a plethora of booties, in all shapes & colors. This making finding a basic black pair waaaay more difficult, because I just want to wear all of these. 

Bethanie Beige Suedette Studded Wedge Shoe Boot

Blink Maraa Heavy Metallic Glitter

Muse Ankle Boot

Zara Basic Ankle Boot

Asos Vincent Flatform

TOMS Desert Wedge in Chestnut Suede

I've barely even scratched the surface of all the beautiful booties I stumbled across. I can't lie, I am majorly obsessed with those ASOS booties. Flatforms, platforms, any form really, I'm all about it. I'll take all the height I can get!

Not to mention, the best part is they are all $100 or less. Perfect for the fashionista on a budget. Plus, I'm always willing to spend the extra money on a pair of shoes if I know they are worth it (or if I want them bad enough). 

What fall trends are you looking forward to wearing? Have any suggestions for black booties? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. How do the Mossimo booties fit? Are they true to size? It'd be great if you have some modeling pictures posted :) Thanks so much!

    1. I think they fit pretty true to size. The pair I got are actually an 8 1/2 & I typically wear an 8 so they are a little big on me but if I wear thick socks, it's not bad at all. I'll try to post some pictures soon!