Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank you, Fashion Gods!

Did my last post read as a prayer to the fashion gods? Could it have been some divine style intervention? Do I have a fashion guardian angel?

These are the questions I have been asking myself, lately. By some form of style magic, I managed to happen upon not 1, not 2, but yes, 3 pairs of booties. Overkill? Maybe. However, now I am fully equipped with 3 different booties and I know how to use them!

First of all, I stumbled up on the replacement for my black booties. With that being my whole shopping goal, I didn't expect much more. I was completely content with these:

Xhilaration Solana Lace-Up
Retail: $34.99
Second-hand: $7.95

Now comparatively, these new wedges are about an inch & a half or two inches taller than my others. So either I'm getting a lot more ballsy, or I'm completely underestimating the difficulty I may have walking in them. Either way, I'm in love and I can't deny it.

After I finished flipping out over the coincidental find after I just blogged about them, these babies were sitting right there in the next aisle.

Xhilaration Susan Hiker
Retail: $39.99
Second-hand: $7.95

Amazing, right? Up close, they are glittery and kind of resemble a galaxy print. I started calling them my "moon boots" and I can't wait to plan an outfit around them.

Dolce Vita for Target
Second-hand: $12.00

I have been eyeing these shoes for a while now at my job. I work at a second-hand store so we are constantly getting in clothing, but these boots have been stuck in my head since May. Though the two pairs above definitely fit my current, intense fashion taste, I wanted something more casual.

These are the perfect dress up or dress down boots. I see me wearing these with skinnies, a basic T, leather jacket and with little effort, looking like a total badass. On the other hand, I have so many dresses that will soften the look of the hardware. 

The best part is that today is rainy and a little chilly so I'm going to take full advantage and rock a pair of them today!

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  1. Those boots are so pretty that I think my eyes are going to explode; quite a find you made! <3