Wednesday, June 20, 2012

designer obsession: Matthew Williamson

Sometimes I find a designer I love so much, I spend hours daydreaming of a closet filled with their designs. Matthew Williamson quickly became on of those designers.

Ok, so upon further investigation, I'm just extremely late to the game on this one. Not only has this man dressed some of my favorite celebrities like M.I.A. and Kelis, but he has a collaboration with H&M!

I am dying.

Granted, the H&M line is 3 years old now, I just can't believe I haven't heard of him before. My best guess is because it's extremely most of his designs are waaaaay out of my price range, but just take a minute to get lost &

Matthew Williamson swimwear

Leopard print Swimsuit

Matthew Williamson shoulder bag

Fringe Suede Shoulder Bag

Matthew Williamson blouse

Silk Ikat Faze shirt

Matthew Williamson dress

Rust Belted Kimono dress

Matthew Williamson dress

Feather & Bead-Embellished Silk Chiffon dress

Matthew Williamson sunglasses

Retro Square sunglasses

So, you get the point. He is an amazing designer with a brilliant way of mixing futuristic and retro elements to make pieces that are insanely visually pleasing. However, I'm sure you noticed the hefty price tag. Not to mention, if wore any of this in Small Town, USA I'd get more crazy stares than I already do. That's why I was so thrilled that the H&M collab is more street appropriate but since it came out a few years ago, I'm having a hard time finding pieces!

Any of you lovely fashionistas out there have any information on where I could buy some of the Matthew Williamson x H&M collaboration? 

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