Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Shopping Spree? Yes, Please.

As I mention in my last post, I have been at a loss for what to do on my birthday. I expressed those concerns to my boyfriend and by some divine fashion god's grace, he said, "Why don't we just go shopping somewhere for your birthday?" He knows me so well.

Although, I will still be getting myself a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for my birthday, it seems I have cashed in that opportunity for ONE pair of shoes into an all day shopping spree on my birthday. Yes, shopping spree. I mean, I don't now how much spree-ing there will be considering I'm so cheap it hurts, but I am looking forward to getting a select few items. My boyfriend, Jesse, and I are going to Potomac Mills next week. So tonight I am planning out a strategic shopping plan to make sure I don't spend too much but also that we don't waste too much time. The mall is about 2 hours away so I want to make sure we get back to Harrisonburg early enough to go out and show off my awesome new clothes. I'm narrowing down the list of stores I want to go to and this is my list so far:

Baker's Shoes
XXI Forever (aka Forever 21)
Victoria's Secret
Vans Outlet
Nine West Outlet
Michael Kors
Levi's Outlet (SO EXCITED)
H & M

Okay, so once I typed the list out it was a little longer than I thought, considering I'm going to spend forever in the Levi's Outlet store aka Heaven. I rarely ever go to malls 1. Because the mall in Harrisonburg is where businesses go to die. 2. I have a hard time paying full price for ANYTHING. In order to get this shopping plan perfect, I've even gone as far as to creep on websites of some stores so I can pick out so things that I must have:


Who knows what I will actually end up with! These are just items that I would LOVE to have in closet. I am also looking for a pair of printed pants so I gotta keep my eyes peeled for those as well. I'm off work tomorrow so I will get an opportunity to thrift & post during the day!

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Happy Weekend!

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