Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Weather Funk

Can I just fast forward time to spring?

I have been in such a funk lately because of the weather. I can only hope that it takes a turn for the better by this time next week, because next Saturday is my birthday! Last year, it was 70 degrees. That has only ever happened ONCE in my entire life. So, I guess I have my expectations pretty high. Other than my dread over the weather, I'm actually at a loss for what I should even do. How do you celebrate turning 23?

I can't say that I have too much to talk about because I haven't had the opportunity to go thrifting. I've been working a lot and fighting off the cold I feel brewing in my body. The rest of this post is going to dedicated to items I can't wait to find thrifted or DIY versions of.



Not gonna lie, I think my next project will be those pink glitter slip ons!

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