Sunday, February 5, 2012

Never ending Bootie Quest

If you aren't anyone in my immediate real life friends, you probably aren't aware of my struggle to find the perfect bootie. This quest began months ago, and once I get a idea in my head, I won't stop until I find the perfect match. The problem this time, though, is that I don't really have an actual, specific idea of what I want. Bootie. That's it. Do you know how many types of booties there are? Answer: A TON. So many different styles. I have been perusing the internet, thrift stores, regular retails stores....I was even tempted to go to the mall (and where I'm from, that's NOT a good thing). I'm think I'm looking for a wedge. I'm dying to have a leopard print shoe so I'm thinking, maybe, I'll get a leopard print bootie. Then, I change my mind. I want something that may be a little more versatile, something I can fit into any part of my wardrobe. And worse, WHAT IF I WANT BOTH? Which I do, let's be honest.

And I won't lie about this either, I am on a b-u-d-g-e-t super hard from now until I move. Plus, I'm jaded on pricing since I have been working at Plato's Closet and just learning more about clothing, in general. So, anything below $50 will be exactly in my price range. I found a few picture to post, to show the general idea but basically, I NEED HELP.


And by a few, I meant two. See? That's how little luck I am having. I even checked e-bay but right now I think I'm too busy to keep up with that. I need suggestions! New websites to browse, brands, sales, ANYTHING!!

Post suggestions in the comments below!


  1. I always have the same doubt as well, but not only with booties, but with everthing :D . I wrote a post today in my blog about choosing the perfect boots for your type of legs, so maybe you can have a look and make your decision :)

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady

    1. Awesome, thank you! I just checked it out and looks like my short legs need a wedge boot just like I'm looking for!!