Friday, February 3, 2012

obligatory Jason Wu for Target post

Of course, everyone who is anyone knows the newest Target + Designer collaboration featuring Jason Wu comes out in 2 days. I am so excited to see and feel the pieces in person but like many others, I've been searching through the collection online for my favorite, must-have pieces.

I love every piece in the collection. Upon first glance, I thought the blue floral skirt was cat print and I was instantly in love. Although it's not exactly what I thought it was, the skirt won me over with the overall outfit. I'm loving the sheer socks with heels (a trend I will certainly be trying out myself). The black and white print bag is so simple but chic; although I would typically go for a patterned bag (like the floral ones in the collection), I think the minimal color scheme shows off the structure and gold detail better. Plus, it can match practically anything in my closet. Personally, I would have liked to see more of the cat print. I'm still sulking over it. Can I get a cat t-shirt, socks, something?! Maybe, I'm just a crazy cat lady. *le sigh*

What are your favorite pieces? Must-haves? What about the opposite end of the spectrum: Is the collection everything you expected? Are you let down? I want all opinions!! For those who read this and don't know who Jason Wu, click the ADORABLE picture below, educate yourself, and enjoy!

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English: Jason Wu

Check out the collection in stores or preview it here!!

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Happy Weekend!

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