Tuesday, January 31, 2012

color block, floral, & pastels, oh my!

I absolutely cannot wait for spring! The warm weather lately is such a tease. 65 in January? Yes, please. I've even been taking the time to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring, and I am so excited to continuing some of my favorite trends into the next season. One trend that I'm super excited about is pastels! I don't typically go for such muted colors but I have been seeing such popping mint and coral on the runway, so I wanted to see what I could try. Of course, I searched Polyvore for some edgy (and affordable) ways to add some pastels to my closet.

Prints in pastels add a softer side
Obsessed with sheer right now! Edgy but sweet.

I'm also totally obsessed with mixing prints right now. The options in my closet are limitless now! I know that lots of people have a hard time following and actually trying trends like this. Today at work, I started focusing on pieces that are already a mix of prints in one. Here are some pieces that are unique and on trend (with little effort involved):

floral + stripes
Multi floral prints!

mixed print infinity scarf

I typically don't stray into the worlds of hair and make-up trends but since I work on my closet so much, I want to spend time perfecting my skills all around. Any new make-up trends happening right now? I never change my hair either (besides dye) and I'd love to see what I can do with it. I'm always open to suggestions!

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