Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yes yes, every girl should have a proper obsession with the shoe god that is Jeffrey Campbell. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I will be getting a pair of JC for my birthday. No, I have not made a final decision but I wanted to enter a new pair into the running. I mentioned that I was trying to steer away from the lita, but I can't deny myself.

The patchwork Lita has been calling my name over the past week. I can hear it every day in the back of my head "I'm beautiful, I'll match everything, I'm on sale" and I can't take it. I may just have to get then in addition to another pair. Oh my, this is bad.

On another JC shoe front, I saw the Cleata today. In pink + clear. I died. Seriously, how perfect is this shoe?

Jeffrey, you slay me....and my wallet.

I've only gotten a little bit of feedback on how these shoes fit, anyone else care to offer up some advice?

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  1. I love Jeffrey Campbell! Following your blog now!