Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fashion blog love!

I'm still experimenting with my blog, but I wanted to share some of the amazing blogs that inspired me to start blogging! The very first fashion blog I fell in love with was This Time Tomorrow. The personal style that Krystal has been so versatile and always reflects her mood, weather, etc., all while keeping her wardrobe fun and lighthearted. Not to mention the photography is great and Krystal has A+ taste!

When I stumbled upon Advanced Style, I was instantly in love. This blog features some of the most bold and stylish women I have seen on ANY blog. Ari Cohen portrays these women in a beautiful light, and you can only understand once you visit this blog! To call any of them ''elderly" seems offensive and wrong! They seem to posses more youth than half the "dead behind the eyes" models I see in magazine spreads. Ari and these fabulous women prove that style only gets better with age and experience. If anything, take away from this blog the inspiration to always be whoever, whatever, and however you want to be!

Orchid Grey is everything I like in a fashion blog, plain and simple. She is a girl after my own heart with a ton of killer thrifted items in her wardrobe. Her photos make sure to show off every aspect of the outfit and I, unashamedly, have tried to replicate some of my favorite outfits she wears!

I surely hope that if you are new to the world of fashion blogs (reading or writing) that these blogs can inspire you as well! If you are more interested in street style photos/advice, these are a few of my favorite sites to check out!

LOOKBOOK.NU- street style posted from around the world!
HEL-LOOKS- european street style
STREET STYLE AESTHETIC- "it's not just the clothes, it's the people who wear them"
THE SARTORIALIST- high end street style/runway fashion
FASHISM-post your own photos and get feedback right away!
NOTCOUTURE-if tumblr and pinterest had a baby filled with fashion!

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