Tuesday, May 22, 2012

designer obsession: TAYLORSAYS

The last two posts really inspired me to see how I can incorporate more of my outside interests into my love of fashion. Zombies, comics, skulls, animals (especially cats), anything you can think of, I'm probably going to post about it. Just giving you fair warning now. 

Today was no exception when it came to discovering a ton of new (to me) blogs, clothing lines, and designers. 

That's where she comes in.

This is Taylor Reeve.
She is a graphic artist from San Diego, CA.
She is also the original high heel sole designer, and when you see the pictures, you'll know what I mean.

Check out TAYLORSAYS.COM to see more pictures!

I love the originality of her drawing ability. She combines so many aspects together perfectly, blurring the lines between graffiti, pop, & comic. And let's be honest here, why aren't those gold lion heels on my feet right now and every day forever?