Thursday, May 31, 2012


You already know that rings are my favorite accessory!

I feel naked if I forget to wear them, but since my collection currently takes up 6 of 10 fingers, I had been looking some way to keep adding flare to my digits and alas, I have found the answer.


I know that sounds really weird. No, it's not a piercing for your fingernails, although I wouldn't be opposed to that idea either. These are rings worn on the top part of your finger, around or over your fingernail, and they look so badass!

Some are really subtle:

Then, some really live up to their nickname "battle talons":

In my opinion, I'm liking this ring trend over the thin stacked rings. That shouldn't come as too surprising, though. I do have rather bold taste.

Do you have the nerve to rock the major battle talons or would you stick to something more simple?

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