Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Pop art emerged in North America and Great Britain during the late 1950s as a challenging response to more traditional fine art. Into the 60s, it became a full on artistic movement with an attitude as brash and hard to swollow as the images themselves. Ever since, it's had a significant impact on the art and fashion worlds, especially mine.

I discovered my love for pop art as a young teenager. Though at the time, I didn't fully grasp the concept of the art, I saw bright, bold colors, crazy patterns and I was in love. Really that's all it took to sell me, but as I learned more, this love really stuck around.

 Now, at 23, with a much deeper appreciate for fashion and art, I see my favorite paintings & photos in a whole new light. Color patterns, contrast, and political content it can contain never ceases to intrigue me and is continually changing.
I can't wait to see how it will continue to influence the fashion industry!

Pop art isn't your thing? What kind of art have you drawn inspiration from? I would love to hear what other fashionistas look up to!

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