Monday, April 2, 2012

in like a lamb, out like a lion

I cannot even being to tell you how glad I am the month of March is over. From the very first day, I knew it would be a whirlwind of a month. That is an extreme understatement. I would, or could, make an attempt to list all of the insane things (mostly bad, but a few good ones!) that transpired over the month but that makes my head spin. I'm going with the thought that March was just a month long April Fool's Day joke and now on April 2nd, I'm accepting it and moving on.

On a different note, the change in month did not bring me any more new luck in my wardrobe/fashion crisis I've been having over the past 2 weeks. What is wrong, you ask? EVERYTHING. Half of my bedroom is a closet and I wake up every day and have to spend 30 minutes trying to pick out what to wear, because I just can't find anything. In a frantic attempt to fix my problem, I weeded out and sold some clothes I hadn't worn in a while. This seemed like this could be the answer. Remove the bullshit, keep the good stuff, and go from there. I was wrong. So wrong. So now, here I am, looking online at tons of clothes to get inspiration for new pieces. Also, I'm so in need of a good thrift day, it's sickening. Or it's sickening how badly I need to shop.

I will most likely be spending the next few hours browsing the internet,, and laying on my bedroom floor in the dark, crying over my broken wardrobe. Wish me luck! For now, some serious shoe vibes have been present in my life, check these babies out!

Tardy Platform
Jeffrey Campbell
Brooklyn Platform

Night Lita Platform
Jeffrey Campbell
Gallista Platform

Obviously, I'm a sucker for a platform ALWAYS. Any other shoe trends I could be checking out? Comment away!

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