Thursday, April 19, 2012

lighter notes


dreamy by redheaddrive featuring emilio pucci sunglasses

I never thought I would be one to pull off a maxi skirt. I happen to think that maxi dresses look terrible on me! I'm only 5'5 so unless I'm wearing some major heels, I just look like a stump. However, this maxi skirt trend is something I can really get behind. I have yet to find the perfect asymmetrical skirt, not for lack of trying, but I have managed to snag a basic black maxi skirt. I love it, however I don't live in the most fashion forward town so I thought now would a good a time as ever to pop in this little anecdote:

I wore said skirt to a party not even 2 weeks ago. I thought I was lookin' good in my black maxi skirt, red platform heels, white collared button up & black + gold cross necklace. I'm mingling, sipping my cheap beer from a can, when suddenly I hear someone ask me, "Are you a Mennonite?" Speechless. As you can expect, a little piece of my fashionista heart died.

With that being said, I promptly exclaimed, "Um, no," and walked away. Offended, but obviously so. Maybe not obvious to anyone else there, but to me and my best friend, it was a verbal assault. Now that this traumatizing event is behind me, I'm on the look out for a more upbeat and flowy maxi skirt (see above)

I also threw in a beautiful platform with each maxi dress, like I said, I look stunted without them. I wanted to mix it up and show the variety of accessories you can use around your face rather than jewelry. I have such a love/hate relationship with jewelry sometimes so I like to mix it up with fun sunglasses & hats. I mean, did you see those Emilio Pucci sunglasses?


  1. love all these ensembles!!


    1. Thank you! My favorite is the half sheer peach maxi! :)