Thursday, April 26, 2012



Today, I got up enough courage to try on my swimsuits. Amidst the throws of a break-up (& break-up diet), I figured now would be a good starting point to observe what I should work on before I hit the beach. And by "hit the beach" I mean slathering on SPF 6000, wearing a giant hat, huge sunglasses, under an umbrella, and barely getting into the water. 

Being a redhead is fun, except for when you want to go outside. 

Now, I am have generally had the same swim suit for the past 5 years? 1950s style cut, navy blue with white polka dots. SO CUTE but it's faded and doesn't look nearly as good as it did when I was 18. Luckily for me, my addiction to shopping has granted me a lovely mix of swimwear. Stripes, ruffles, polka dots, buttons, neon. Yes, please.

I can't deny, if swimsuits were purely for fashion purposes, I would definitely be wearing a one piece or high waisted suit in a heartbeat. However, I do slightly care about giving my skin a little bit of exposure to the sun, I gain more freckles that way. Need. Beach. Now.

Basically, I am will be of no use to anyone for the next 11 days.
I have sun, sand, and shopping on the brain. 

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  1. So pretty! We are SO excited for summer!! Love everything here!

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    ox from NYC!